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Our Heritage

British Art Exhibitions 

British Art Exhibitions derived from artists and advertising/promotions specialists. Previously running a group of marketing/advertising and promotions businesses over many years, often organising exhibitions, events and conferences around the world. 

Some of the founder’s projects administered and project managed:

St Pauls Cathedral, The National Football Museum, The Crown Jewels (Tower of London), The Olympic Museum (Switzerland), Richard the III Visitors Centre, Museum of London, York Minster, Wimbledon Museum, Chopin Museum (Warsaw Poland), Warwick Castle, The Giants Causeway, Ordsall Hall.

The idea has blossomed. Our events quickly sell out and the idea has taken root as we now have a further 7 exhibitions in the pipeline for this year alone with another 18 in total for the next 12 months.

We’ve had artists, galleries and groups contact us from all over the UK and as far afield as Europe and Australia.

We offer platforms that all artists can participate in and supply the tools so that all artists can promote themselves and their work, professionally to the world both online and direct via exhibitions and fairs.

Our exhibitions offer the lowest costs for artists so they can readily participate.

Our ‘POP-Ups’ offer amazing opportunities to sell work in some of the busiest shopping malls, with enormous footfall.

Coming Soon! Our software offers all artists an amazing tailored e-commerce website at just a few $per month and as more artists join, we will lower the cost. These sites are fully integrated with framing and print production and delivery all the sales revenues go directly to the artist. The sites are fully optimised for SEO and are cross-linked for maximum visibility benefits.

Art Warehouse, we are developing the concept of large-scale art stores or ‘Art Warehouses’ where artists can rent for a minimal charge wall space for 3 to 12 months, sales will go directly to the artist (Completely commission-free). The warehouses will be independently advertised and promoted. Included onsite will be print and framing facilities for art buyers. For the artists, we will have a community space where they can meet and chat with their peers.

If you’d like to know more about who we are and what we’re doing just DM or email and we’ll be happy to answer questions and give a more detailed outline of our operations.


Run by a collection of artists frustrated by the lack of exhibitions and the tedious entry processes. We hire some amazing spaces around the UK for all artists to exhibit and sell their works.


Each art exhibition is different making the most of the various venus. We look for creative, prestigious and historic buildings that make the exhibitions extra special for exhibitors and patrons alike.

How we work

We operate the exhibitions over several days and offer prestige openings with local and national dignitaries plus the local press. We often invite famous guest artists with a well-established following.

The prestige opening has inclusive drinks to help the conversations flow.

We base our exhibition numbers on the available space in the venue, as each venue is different the number of artists spaces can vary. We offer space on a first come basis, however we do email our members in advance of a new exhibition date.


Each artist is offered an individual panel 4ft wide x 8ft high, although more panels are available. Most artists take 2 to 3 giving a space of up to 12ft x 24ft (96 sq. ft for 3 Panels).

We ask the artists to individually price their works and any limited-edition prints. Our staff will represent the artist and 100% of the sale proceeds is paid direct to the artist (less any bank fees if applicable).


We operate a tight ship, so we can give all artists a low entry price for a prestige event.


The cost of the space is calculated per panel, although venues will vary in price rates start from £99.00 depending on the type of exhibition, most exhibitions last between 3 - 6 days this includes set-up and the prestige opening. 

Single Artworks

Alternatively, artists can exhibit up to 3 single art pieces these are charged from £15 per piece. The pieces will be displayed in an appropriate position on collective panels. The artists details and artwork details will be displayed next to the artwork.​

Members can reserve a panel space with a minimal deposit. CLICK FOR DETAILS