Featured Exhibiting Artists

Jo Jones

I always liked to paint and sculpture. After leaving school I studied Graphic design at The Mid-Town College In Jordan. I worked in art and design studio creating advertising layouts and illustrations.

June Gordon

A contemporary artist from Cheshire,creating one of a kind original abstract paintings full of colour texture and impressionistic oils, with a deep vibrant colour palette that can be both striking and eye catching, perfect for contemporary and modern interiors.

Lorna Fellas

Lorna Fellas was born in Salford and after a somewhat nomadic early life her family returned from living in Cyprus and settled in Norfolk where she lived from the age of eight.
Lorna is a graduate of De Montford University and Manchester Metropolitan University and has an MA in Fine Art from The University of Salford . In 2001 she was awarded a bursary that enabled her to take up a honorary research position at the prestigious Massachusetts College of Art in the USA. She has exhibited in numerous group and solo shows throughout the UK as well as in Europe and the USA.
Her ideas are inspired by her immediate environment and in the sounds, language and dynamics of everyday life.”
This work references autobiographical and personal narratives and landscapes found either in ‘place’ or in ‘journey.’

Diane Harding

Texture, light and the vibrance of colour predominate the process of my creativity.
I work with glass, wax and paint. Revealing hidden imagery, capturing dynamic colour combinations which evoke and transform initial observations of land and nature into an impressionistic and ethereal style.

Helen Kaminsky

Helen is a self-taught, flourishing mixed media artist whose diversity appeals to a wide audience of individuals. She has completed many commissioned pieces and has become of high interest to a multitude of art collectors locally and internationally. Helen is a member of a number of art societies based in the North West, including Incubation Arts, and has recently joined the Vale Artists Co-operative in Congleton, Cheshire where she shares a studio with four other artisans.

Quality in her work is ensured throughout every step of the artistic process from creation to delivery.

Rob Miller

I've always held an interest in topography and land form. I find myself getting easily engaged with the elements and with the wear and tear of it all. I''m inspired to paint landscapes and coastal scenes. I like looking at them and I like reading about them. Fascinating how something that's been blasted by violent storm can survive and look beautiful. The narrative for my paintings, wherever I am comes from walking through the land, This provides me with a direct sense of place at a particular time of day or season which starts up a conversation in me. I try and describe it through mark making. Each brush mark or line, I borrow from nature, wrought from an observation like a note or a word in a stanza; even a short walk can result, if everything is right, in a whole body of work almost as a poem or a meditation. Rob Miller

John Mulraney

Part time artist. Based in Bolton Falcon Mill as part of FaMAS. My work is eclectic and in a variety of mediums. The majority of my work is based on feelings; emotions and thought provoking moments in my life and I try to tell a story with each piece I do.

Warren Green

My artistic journey began around the age of seven, and after leaving secondary school I studied Art and Design at Wigan College. This is where I learned the different disciplines of the subject including; fine art, life drawing, graphic design, 3D, textiles and photography. I furthered my education when I undertook a degree in Product Design at Salford University.

I take my inspiration from many sources, the most important to me are the Fauvist/ Impressionist movements. World renowned artists including; Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, Henri Matisse and Post-Impressionist Vincent van Gogh are amongst some of my favourites. I also greatly admire the work of John Singer Sargent and contemporary artist Jack Vettriano.

My typical choice of medium is oil paint, applied onto stretched canvas or board. It’s versatile and allows me to blend colours comfortably and effectively, whilst building up layers of texture.

My work is fuelled by the use of imaginative ideas and dynamic colour studies. My artwork takes me on a limitless journey, as I am constantly developing new ideas and techniques to utilize in my work.

My art has been exhibited for sale in galleries and I've sold many pieces, both within the UK and worldwide.

Ginny McDermott

Despite early instruction through school to A-level, I am largely self-taught, though I keep my skills up to date with short courses and regular classes. Even the most common things around us have recognisable beauty in them and I see it as my role as an artist to capture and communicate that. There’s usually an element of fear in not being able to achieve this, which keeps me on the edge of my comfort zone - it’s a great adventure!

I really want people to experience the thrill of owning original art because it breathes life into empty spaces - adds soul, beauty, texture, interest, emotion. It stamps your walls, your home, with your personality. Each piece is your discovery, you are the curator of your own exhibition. I love this idea and want to create covetable pieces that waken a desire to own them.

Gaynor Green

The 'Painted Ladies' is a response to reconnect to my creativity. It was an introduction to using acrylic paints for the first time. I wanted to paint colourful theatrical images so took inspiration from burlesque, magicians, theatre,shoes and symbolism.
Past artists Toulouse Lautrec and Egon Schiele and contemporary artist and illustrator Todd White and Quentin Blake styles have inspired me.
I have always enjoyed drawing and painting and have used water colour and oil paints, many years ago. I attended college to study fashion and textile design, which led to a career in teaching.
I have successfully sold some pieces from the' Painted Ladies' collection. There are signed open edition poster prints available today.

Gary Sheridan


It was whilst studying photography at the University of Wolverhampton UK between 2001-2004 that Gary found his passion for conceptual photography. His work draws on personal experience and his natural inquisitiveness in human behaviour.
He constructs (often building sets in his studio) a series of work from a concept, such as in his recent work – Unwrapped, or he will see images in everyday life that speaks volumes to him. Whichever method of construction he uses, he intends the images to be multi-layered and engage the viewer thoughtfully and aesthetically. His work is vibrant, beautiful and seductive, with a vein of humour that runs through its body, just as life should be, yet life is not always a bed of roses and Gary’s work often breaks down the façade to reveal…

Laura Gibbons


I am a Cheshire based artist specialising in oils on canvas. I have always had a fascination for the natural world and an interest in folklore and mythology. As time has progressed I have found that my work has begun to take on an ethereal quality that reflects both my love of nature and my curiosity in myth and legend. I like to paint everyday animals, such as sparrows, but in a setting of decadent colours and mysticism, as well as exploring the beauty of the animals more traditionally thought of as exotic. For me there is as much splendour in a pigeon’s plumage as a tiger’s stripes; it’s just a bit harder to see sometimes. Whilst creating my original art I also take commissions for paintings and can be emailed at laura.gibbons@rocketmail.com

Ryuji Goto


I was born in Japan, a self-taught painter and craft maker. I have been selling my art and craft work at local artisan markets since I have started to spend more time as a full time artist a few years ago.
I like the words ' Mixed Media ' : I have been trying to express in as many various ways as possible.
My ultimate dream artwork would be the cave paintings by prehistoric humankind, desire to create something tangible for a practical reason or for a sake of joy of shaping images and not be satisfied with just hunting, eating and sleeping.
I am also a Buddhist married to a Christian, I cherish the amalgamation and hope that my artwork manages to show the essence of it too.

Katie Patel


Originally from Yorkshire, Katie is a self-taught artist now living in Bramhall with her young family. Her striking paintings capture beautiful scenery and urban settings both locally, in Cheshire and Manchester, and further afield. Travels to places such as Peru, Vietnam and Japan have inspired her work.
From a young age and throughout her language teaching career, Katie has had a passion for art. She has a rare talent for portraits as well as landscapes in a range of media. After finishing teaching and starting a family, she recently set up her own art business, fulfilling a life-long dream.
In 2018, she was invited to exhibit a solo show at Didsbury Open Gardens. She has exhibited paintings at Stockport Art Gallery as a member of Stockport Art Guild and is looking forward to a solo exhibition at Didsbury Parsonage in December 2019.
Katie’s past work has inclined towards realistic representation, but she currently enjoys a more abstract and vibrant approach, often using the medium of acrylic with pen. This has resulted in a very distinctive style. She is fascinated by the play of colour, light and shade within her compositions, and loves the balancing act that this creates.

Alison Martin


Alison Martin is a local artist who was born in Poynton in 1967 and now lives and works in Macclesfield, Cheshire. Alison trained at Wolverhampton studying Fine Print and Design.

Having predominantly worked in graphite, Alison has recently discovered the amazing, fluid qualities of wool as a medium.

She takes inspiration from her love of the British wildlife and our beautiful countryside when creating her vibrant landscapes and wildlife studies.

Alison's artwork is on permanent display at Goostrey Home and Leisure. She is also available at www.facebook.com/DrawingsByAlison or 07870117012 to discuss possible commissions.

Katie Barry


Since graduating from Nottingham Trent University a decade ago Katie Mary's creative process has evolved from traditional photographic methods to a mixed media digital aesthetic. Her current Fan Art series depicts iconic and influential women with a visually vibrant narrative. Katie Mary is inspired by storytelling and explores how a single image can communicate a plethora of ideas, fantasies and beliefs from one human to another through portraiture.

Diane Nevitt

01625 574807

Diane Nevitt was born in Macclesfield Cheshire in 1955, moving to the Westcountry in the early’ 70’s. Diane studied Fashion and Textile Design at Plymouth College of Art and Textiles at Taunton College of Arts and Technology. Although having a love for textile design, Diane’s first love was painting and she went on to become a professional artist.
Diane worked as an Artist in her own studio for 30 years on Plymouth Waterfront, exhibiting paintings which include Government Offices of the Southwest, Regional Development Agency, Villa Tivoli, Merano, Italy, Anvil Projects Guernsey as well as Westcoutry Television.
In the early nineties Diane studied with the late renowned artist Robert Lenkiewicz in Plymouth .For what proved to be five years of intense tuition. Diane acquired a discipline of painting’s technical requirements including shape, tone and colour. Described by Robert as ‘the loveliest of colourists’s. Diane has now moved back to the Cheshire countryside where her love for art began and is now working from an old converted cotton mill surrounded by the rich colours of the Cheshire countryside she knows and loves so well.
Currently exhibiting work with the Gateway Gallery , Hale, Cheshire.

Aggie Matyjaszek


Agnieszka Matyjaszek was born in small town in Poland in 1987 where she started creating art in quite young age. Shewon a number of local art competitions through her high school and college age. She came to UK in 2006 and start studying Art & Design in 2007 in Nottingham Design Academy. In 2014 she achieved Bachelor of Arts at Staffordshire University. Today she is an active member of Stockport Art Guild.
You could say that Aggie's art is just as adventurous as Aggie is herself. She loves to travel to new places and gaining new experiences. Each of these journeys influences Aggie's landscapes art. She discovered her love to paint en plein air after taking part in the Pintar Rapido Competition in London in 2017. Since then she relishes the opportunity to work outside.
However, landscape is just one of two main subjects that the artist puts most of her time into. The other and just as important is figurative art which is always crossing Aggie's portfolio. Moreover, she regular takes part in life drawings events in Stockport. Now she can't let a week go by without creating something new.
Aggie has already exhibited in many places in around Manchester, Derbyshire, Yorkshire as well as London at the Pebeo Art Exhibition.

Tracy Challis

07932 682878

I am a self taught creator of doodles inspired by animals, nature and dance. I started out by making cards for family and friends . Recently I developed my hobby into a business creating bespoke cards, paper gifts, logos and illustrative works. Writing and illustrating a children’s book is a personal ambition.
I hope you like these examples of my work, to see more or request something bespoke please visit my social media pages.

Cate Gibson


I studied Foundation Art & Spatial Design at Bournemouth & Poole College of Art. I always continued to paint and 10 years ago returned to Printmaking, which I feel truly lends itself to my designs & drawings.
I mainly do relief prints but love to etch and occasionally screenprint. I am particularly drawn to botanical subjects as I find the history of botanical illustration fascinating. After many fruitful years of experimenting with different forms of print at Hot Bed Press, I now work in my studio at home where I am surrounded by inspiration from the beautiful Cheshire Countryside.
I have exhibited my work in Open Up North, Stockport Open, Warrington Contemporary Open, R K Burt Gallery, London, The Portico Library & Gallery, Manchester and The Parsonage, Didsbury.

Lindi Kirwin


I am a passionate self-taught artist working in my studio at Vernon Mill in Stockport, Cheshire.

I would describe myself as a mixed media colourist as it is my intention to engage my audience in my use of vibrant colours and interesting tactile textures in my paintings, designs and forms. Much of my work is based on nature, however, I am diverse regarding subject matter to keep fresh with ideas.

My original Fine Art paintings and hand-painted bespoke mirrors are sought by both the Private and Commercial sectors in the UK and abroad.

My studio space enables me to display my work on many walls, which acts as an attractive gallery setting for visitors. You are very welcome to visit my studio but it is always best to give me a ring to check I am in and free or you could make an appointment. 07890057362

Commissions and collaborations welcomed.
Studio 27, 3rd Floor, Vernon Mill, Stockport, Cheshire,
SK1 2HX.

Follow me on Social Media:
Google My Business - Lindi Kirwin

Christina Romero


I'm a Fine Artist, Illustrator and Pop Artist from Stockport. I have previously exhibited my work in Stockport Art Gallery many times and have taken part in many live art events across Manchester including at the Albert Hall. I have stocked my work in Afflecks Palace and online. You can get hold of my prints through Etsy, (CERV ART). I have created artwork for a national charity campaign, done merchandise and album art for musicians, cards, book illustrations and lots of private commissions. My first love is portraiture and I was first inspired by the work of Hans Holbien. I was lucky enough to see one of my favourite paintings by him in the National Gallery recently.

Rajesh Radhakrishnan


I am Jesh, an artist from Macclesfield. My zeal for creative art has brought me here to exhibit my work.
The art has always been my companion from childhood and a mode to express myself.
On a broad term I classify myself as a contemporary / abstract artist and I am very passionate about trying new techniques and mediums in all my work.

Amber Tyldesley


Amber Tyldesley is a Warrington based artist, who after graduating from University in 2015 began to pursue her artwork professionally. Now 24 years old and self-taught, her foremost aim is to capture an emotive and lively essence of her subjects. Working primarily in acrylics, Amber is becoming increasingly recognised for her bold yet sensitive depictions of wildlife. As a previous DSWF ‘Wildlife Artist of the Year’ finalist, she has exhibited in the Mall Galleries (London) amongst the leading artists in the field. Having exhibited regularly across the UK in recent years, she has become one of the top-selling artists at exhibitions held by EWA and the Association of Animal Artists.

Jan Vallance


In the winter artist Jan Vallance works from her new canal-side studio in Goyt Mill, an old textile mill in Marple Cheshire. But the Spring and Summer is her favourite time. This is when she works from home. Home is a narrowboat, and from late March to the beginning of October it becomes “The Art Boat”, home, studio and floating gallery. Jan travels the canal system, popping up at floating markets, festivals, and sometimes just on her own.
Limited space on the boat means that smaller paintings are more practical to work on and this is where her 8” x 8” pieces are ideal. Larger works must wait until the winter, and studio time, when she can work on the many layers that make up the paintings.
Summer 2018 was spent exploring London’s canals. Inspired by the contrasts of the city’s leafy corridor, Jan has been working on a series reflecting the more urban areas of the canals.
Jan’s paintings document her travels on the UK waterways and reflect her love of the many aspects of canal life.

Kerri Ruck


I am a self taught artist. I like to express my love of animals through art and work mainly in coloured pencil.

Lydia Streets


As early as I can remember I have always loved to create. Coming from a family of artists I never had to look long before finding a pencil and paper and there was always good advice. I knew upon leaving school I had to find a creative career, so I turned to graphic design and illustration. From graduating in 2000 I have lead a varied path, from illustrating children’s colouring books to designing beauty products. However what I really love to do is paint & draw.

My aim is make to make uplifting, bright, modern art.

I try to create special moments when we stop and take a moment to look around and see how beautiful the World is. Whether that's simply looking at a fantastic landscape or noticing how the different seasons interact with nature.

Often featuring in my work is my loyal companion, a Miniature Schnauzer called Ted. Walking him always leads me to the most wonderful sights, allowing me to inject beauty and narrative into my work.

I hope that people will enjoy my work as much as I did creating it.

Anna Dowd


Contemporary botanical and natural world artist, Anna Dowd prefers the medium of watercolour which is prefect to capture nature's delicate detail of colour, texture and form. Incorporating negative space is very important in Anna's work, as is recreating nature's fine details honestly and accurately. The piece in this exhibition has been painted on calfskin manuscript vellum, extremely smooth surfaced and wonderful for producing art on. Anna has incorporated a piece of broken sea fan from the Caribbean with a barnacled mussel shell from the North Norfolk coastline.

Alex Jones


As a youth I studied art, experienced painting using different mediums and held vague hopes of becoming a professional artist. However, my career initially developed on a different track, firstly in motorsport and subsequently cycling. It is now that I have the time and opportunity to resume painting.

Growing up near the sea on Anglesey I became inspired by the interaction between sea and land, although my recent work is mostly people and animal format. My art is my way of showing my appreciation for a scene, emotion or person by spending hours trying to capture what my mind's eye sees when I view the subject. I am now doing my best to follow in the footsteps of my Mother and Grandfather who were both amateur artists infinitely better than I will ever be!

Karl Percival

Born in the 60's in Salford he lived the first few months of his life in a draw which was a substitute for a crib, his parents modest house was with all the features of a then Salford terrace including an outside toilet, no bathroom and only a cold water tap in the kitchen.

He grew up playing in the rubble of demolished houses after the government of the day decided to clear the Salford slums. Eventually Karl and his family were rehoused as part of the Salford overspill in Little Hulton. After studying at Hulton County High School (later Harrop Fold as seen on TV), he studied art and graphic design at Salford College in the 80's he launched into his career as a commercial artist and was quickly taken on by several London agents, He continued in this career for some years illustrating book covers, magazine DPSs, medical books, film posters, newspaper cartoons, in fact everything including the kitchen sink!

Angela Lewis


Tetyana Checkley

My name's Tanya. I'm 72 years old. Never ever I thought I can paint! But in one point of my life desire to paint arise and never go away!8 years ago I joined Art Class in Third Age College, in Abraham Moss Centre. This is first Exhibition in my life! I work in acrylic on canvas. I like paint still life and landscapes.

Irina Carroll

Irina Carroll
University educated in Art and Design. Finding inspiration for Art in all aspects of life. Painting in various techniques using oils and acrylics. Irina is also a professional costume designer working with film production companies. Irina creates her own fashion accessories which she has sold at Manchester Art Gallery.

Laura Hyland

I am a mixed media Artist and my work over 3 years has been focused on the Syrian Humanitarian Crisis.
These works are specifically about the journeys, the sea crossings and the unaccompanied children.
I have followed these stories very closely via Sew-watch 2 and other NGO's and have worked with groups like the hummingbird refugee project collecting and sending vital everyday items to refugee camps.
I've also very proudly sold 1 of my sea rescue paintings to Mellisa Flemming spokesperson for UNHCFR which now hangs in her offices in Geneva.
The works are mixed media using collage, spray paints, oil and brusho to create many layers and textures.

Gareth Evans

Gareth Evans is based in Macclesfield and describes himself as artiste and ‘maker’. His passion is the creative process of creating either an artwork or a physical working object from quality materials whether it be wood, leather or fine art paper. A repetitive theme in his work is the fusion of the old with the new whether it be a William Morris textile design on a butterfly or streaming music from a 70 year old Globetrotter suitcase.
His ‘physical’ works include portable Bluetooth speakers created from Vintage suitcases and contemporary timepieces from tired mid century clocks.

My Father’s Books

Gareth is best known for his series ‘My Father’s Books’.
“It is my attempt to capture in manageable and ‘magical’ form the childhood memories I have of my father’s extensive collection of classic literature.
My father was an English teacher, an avid reader and book collector. Growing up in a Welsh valley, 2 miles from the nearest neighbour I had plenty of time on my hands to explore his collection.
As a boy the books were fascinating to me with the colours and titles offering a clue to the exciting secret worlds that lay within their covers. I wanted to be able to present the books in a display cabinet format similar to those seen in the insect sections at the Natural History Museum. Thus, the books became delicate butterflies housed in a heavy charcoal outer frame and a distressed ivory inner frame. I hope I have captured a fleeting glimpse of the life of each of my father’s book through glimpses of the title, the worn pastel colours, the textures of the covers and even the odd guilty coffee stain.
The books are photographed and Giclee printed onto 310 – 450-gram archival fine art paper. Each is then individually cut, and hand finished. Some have additional finishes such as crushed glass or gloss varnish. In a few instances a pearlised pin is applied to each butterfly. What may seem a tiresome chore at the start of the process soon becomes another chance to switch off and let my mind drift to relive those precious childhood memories.
To date his artworks have appeared in exhibitions in London, Yorkshire, Cheshire, Derbyshire, Wales and Greater Manchester.

Timothy Matthews

Studied BA Hons Animation/Film & TV design at North East Wales Institute 2004. Self taught artist painting amateur since 2012. Won the BBC Little Painting Challenge 2015. Regularly adds to an established body of work of "cat paintings", as well as "baby portraits". More recently diversifying into figurative works inspired by fashion photography.

Ingrid Katarina Karlsson

Ingrid Katarina Karlsson is known as a narrative artist as her focus lies in telling stories through mixed media art. Subject matter can be inspired by memories, experiences, words, places, historic and map references. Her favoured techniques create rich, colourful textures using mono printing on paper in crystalline watercolour, layering, machine stitching and making marks in other colour media. Words are incorporated adding another dimension to the visual elements.

In 2017 Ingrid was invited to feature on BBC’s Country File, filmed on location in the High Peak as well as in her own studio setting working with Ellie Harrison. The work highlighted in the broadcast triggered the series Moon almanac, which evolved from the move to a new area and the first year of settling in a different environment, a fascinating way of responding to life as it evolves.

Recently Ingrid’s mixed media work has dealt with themes around place mapping, landmarks, home, cultural identity and the journey of life, where surrounding Peak District landscapes are seen through the eyes of a woman artist and migrant. In 2018 Ingrid started a series of Shakespeare interpretations as commission work, so far including The Tempest and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Julie Hamer

As far as the subjects of my work are concerned, they are about one moment in time, seeing and feeling the beauty of the subject, usually landscape. I live in Macclesfield, Cheshire and we are lucky to have easy access to the Peak District and surrounding countryside. I am inspired by nature and colour. my work evokes from my own visual experiences as well as what I sense and feel, always combining my love of colour, shape, form, tone relationships and textures. The pieces I create are both large and small scale, combining mixed media through painting and printmaking.

Jayashree Jaipal

I am a Graphic Designer with a BTEC from Reigate School of Art and Design, now part of East Surrey College. However, I now work full time as a Painter/Artist. My paintings involve me in an intense relationship with colour.
Landscapes have been my inspiration. Having painted realism for decades, I am now constantly evolving as an artist and feel happier creating a fusion of shimmering colours, a free flowing imaginative translation of landscapes.

My vision is to create lightness and joy of our physical and metaphysical dimensions using rather vibrant colour. My paintings reflect my journey through the various countries I have resided in, and can be found in collections in several countries of the world. I use Acrylics, Oils and sometimes Watercolours as my medium of expression.