Gareth Evans

Gareth Evans is based in Macclesfield and describes himself as artiste and ‘maker’. His passion is the creative process of creating either an artwork or a physical working object from quality materials whether it be wood, leather or fine art paper. A repetitive theme in his work is the fusion of the old with the new whether it be a William Morris textile design on a butterfly or streaming music from a 70 year old Globetrotter suitcase.
His ‘physical’ works include portable Bluetooth speakers created from Vintage suitcases and contemporary timepieces from tired mid century clocks.

My Father’s Books

Gareth is best known for his series ‘My Father’s Books’.
“It is my attempt to capture in manageable and ‘magical’ form the childhood memories I have of my father’s extensive collection of classic literature.
My father was an English teacher, an avid reader and book collector. Growing up in a Welsh valley, 2 miles from the nearest neighbour I had plenty of time on my hands to explore his collection.
As a boy the books were fascinating to me with the colours and titles offering a clue to the exciting secret worlds that lay within their covers. I wanted to be able to present the books in a display cabinet format similar to those seen in the insect sections at the Natural History Museum. Thus, the books became delicate butterflies housed in a heavy charcoal outer frame and a distressed ivory inner frame. I hope I have captured a fleeting glimpse of the life of each of my father’s book through glimpses of the title, the worn pastel colours, the textures of the covers and even the odd guilty coffee stain.
The books are photographed and Giclee printed onto 310 – 450-gram archival fine art paper. Each is then individually cut, and hand finished. Some have additional finishes such as crushed glass or gloss varnish. In a few instances a pearlised pin is applied to each butterfly. What may seem a tiresome chore at the start of the process soon becomes another chance to switch off and let my mind drift to relive those precious childhood memories.
To date his artworks have appeared in exhibitions in London, Yorkshire, Cheshire, Derbyshire, Wales and Greater Manchester.

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