Ingrid Katarina Karlsson

Ingrid Katarina Karlsson is known as a narrative artist as her focus lies in telling stories through mixed media art. Subject matter can be inspired by memories, experiences, words, places, historic and map references. Her favoured techniques create rich, colourful textures using mono printing on paper in crystalline watercolour, layering, machine stitching and making marks in other colour media. Words are incorporated adding another dimension to the visual elements.

In 2017 Ingrid was invited to feature on BBC’s Country File, filmed on location in the High Peak as well as in her own studio setting working with Ellie Harrison. The work highlighted in the broadcast triggered the series Moon almanac, which evolved from the move to a new area and the first year of settling in a different environment, a fascinating way of responding to life as it evolves.

Recently Ingrid’s mixed media work has dealt with themes around place mapping, landmarks, home, cultural identity and the journey of life, where surrounding Peak District landscapes are seen through the eyes of a woman artist and migrant. In 2018 Ingrid started a series of Shakespeare interpretations as commission work, so far including The Tempest and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

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