News updates

We would like to thank all the exhibitors for your patience and kind messages of support during the past 12 months. It has been a difficult time for many artists and art companies. Luckily, we have great artists, employees and partners that have enabled the company to keep going through this challenging period.

We'd like to thank our exhibitors and sponsors for their comments and input to help to choose our events new dates. Overwhelmingly we have been asked to put the show back until 2022.


The Harrogate show is now scheduled for the weekend

from 18th to the 20th of March 2022.

All the artists who have registered are guaranteed entry to the event at no extra cost.

The Manchester show is now scheduled for the bank holiday

from 15th to 18th of April 2022.

All the artists who have registered are guaranteed entry to the event at no extra cost.


We had hoped that the show would be later this year. However, as many of our artists are travelling from around the world, this seemed a little optimistic due to possible continued social distancing and the banned country list possibly being in place until the year-end. The show also requires at least 6 months of preparation and promotion, so this will give us plenty of time to make the show a huge success. 

We will continue to ere on the side of safety without wanting to compromise on the success of the exhibitions. We continue to work tremendously hard to re-organise our events; however, this work remains problematic as currently many of our artists are international and would not be able to attend the shows due to travel restrictions in the UK and other countries meaning potential empty spaces at the exhibitions.

As ever organising these events takes a considerable amount of time and effort, with a new start in 2021 and without the shadow of Covid-19, we will now press ahead to solidify new dates and new venues.