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COVID-19 Outbreak update - September 2020:

All events now delayed until 2021. 

We continue to wish all our members, exhibitors, suppliers and their families well during this unprecedented crisis. 

Artists, in particular, seem to fall between the Government’s help schemes. We have spoken to hundreds of artists who are struggling on a day to day basis, we can only hope that things get back to normal as soon as possible and we wish all of you good luck.

Despite our hard efforts to rearrange events in 2020, we have now had confirmation from all our venues suppliers, that due to the current Covid-19 outbreak social distancing will severely affect visitor numbers allowed into events, these will continue at least until the year end of 2020, on top of this is the fear that areas of the UK may go back into lock down without any notice.

The consequences of this is that we would only be able to allow access to limited numbers of the public at anyone time and a one-way system would have to be put in place.  In the event of an area being locked down we would have to cancel the show outright. Artists would be unable to attend the shows during the opening periods and preview evenings would not be possible.

We consider that these measures would make the events unworkable as exhibitions and poorly attended by the public. Further the public trend and government advice is currently to avoid gatherings, many people are rightly nervous about the Corona virus and fear exposure to it.

We have worked tremendously hard to re-organise our events; however, this work has been in vain as currently there are no possible solutions to the UK’s social distancing challenges and attending events.

Many of our artists are international and would not be able to attend the shows due to travel restrictions in the UK and other countries meaning potential empty spaces at the exhibitions.

Consequently we are now rearranging all of our active events for 2021, for those who have booked events they are able to attend next year’s exhibitions with no price increase, or we will offer a credit to be used at any other event. As ever organising these events takes a considerable amount of time and effort, with a new start in 2021 and hopefully without the shadow of Covid-19 we will now press ahead to solidify dates and venues.

Our company has faced unprecedented commercial stress having postponed or cancelled 18 events in 2020, decisions which have not been taken lightly. We are still here and excited about the future including our exhibitions, services and products.

We are determined that 2021 will be a success for our artists, our members and our company. To help this we have commissioned and will be opening a new online website where our current exhibitors who have had events rearranged will be able to offer and sell their work free of any commission or charges. This project will come online later in 2020 and will require our exhibitors to upload their work and enter their details to the new website.


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