Guide to exhibitors

Each venue has some differences

Whilst we try to make the exhibiting of work as simple as possible each venue we operate from has unique challenges. This means there may be some slight differences to the way work is mounted and displayed. 

Display Panels

Our standard display panels are 4ft x 8ft (120cm x 240cm).

The size of the panels may vary from venue to venue, this information will be displayed on the individual venue pages and when reserving space.

The panels may be free standing or wall mounted depending on the venue, some venues work may be mounted directly onto the walls.


Where required spots will be available mounted on top of the panels (we supply). Additional lighting will be supplied depending on venue i.e. floodlights.


We have a variety of hanging techniques depending on the frame type and size. Works must be ready to hang via one of the appropriate methods below unless otherwise stated.

We can accommodate:

  • Traditional strung with cable or cord

  • Mirror brackets/plates

Any variations to these for particular exhibitions will be emailed to the exhibitors upon reserving of space.


Paintings should be appropriately framed, canvases may be unframed where edge condition is good.


Prints may be sold at the venues direct or via order. Premium venues such as the Manchester, Edinburgh etc prints may only be ordered via our attendants.

Drop-off & pickup

Unless otherwise stated artworks will be delivered on the morning of the first day and picked up in the afternoon of the last day. Often time slots will be given in order to make the drop off and pick up run smoother.


Where possible we ask the artists to assist with the set-up, generally this is to place their work in the preferred layout as we assist in the hanging.


Some of the venues are inexpensive and some such as the premium events are very expensive to hire and organise.

We try to keep the costs to our artist to a bare minimum while still provide a prestigious event.

Attending or not

Artists where possible are asked to attend the exhibition previews, however we leave it to them as to whether or not attend the show full or part time. for many of our artist they are not able to attend the show full time and whichever the case we provide attendants who act on their behalf. Selling their work and or prints if available.


When a piece is sold during an exhibition we ask that it remain at the show until the end of the event. 



We generally don't take commission however this may be necessary at some shows to cover costs. Where applicable details can be found on the exhibition pages.

Panel example these may vary from venue to venue

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