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Originally the Manchester 2020 now the 2022.

British Art Exhibitions

British Art Exhibitions

British Art Exhibitions

British Art Exhibitions

The 2022 Manchester exhibition is open for artists to enter their work.
For all artists local or international one of Manchester's newest, exciting and amazing spaces the 'Brickworks' on Deansgate,in the heart of the city.

Visit our Manchester2020 VR exhibition for a flavour of the art at our event.
It can be no surprize then, that we chose this vibrant city to hold our international art event. With artists literally from all around the world. The exhibition boasts some truly remarkable artists including the likes of Bryan Rutenberg from New York.

The event will take place in a single venue, broken down into 3 galleries, Quay Street for new and emerging artists, the Deansgate for more established artists and finally the Princess Street for international artists of renown.

An incredible space, full of enchanting nooks and crannies a real labyrinth of discovery. Exposed brickwork meets vaulted ceilings with lots of different chambers available. This magical space is adjacent to Deansgate, St Ann's Square and Market Street, so couldn't be more centrally located with the Metrolink only a couple of minutes’ walk. The space is perfect for art exhibitions, a venue with natural charm and a truly great space.

Manchester is the 3rd most visited city in the UK, with thousands of extra visitors expected over the holiday weekends. The event will be extensively advertised and promoted through, posters, news agencies, street entertainers and on all the social media channels, 12,000 sq ft of space exhibiting over 160 artists works.

Manchester, how can you not love it? Youthful, diverse, energetic and bursting with energy; Manchester is one of the most exciting places to visit in the UK. Where all are warmly welcomed. Situated in the northwest of England, it’s the second largest city in the UK after London.

Whilst it’s obvious to mention that it is the world’s football Mecca, football certainly isn’t the only thing that makes Manchester so great! Manchester is a birthplace to many great things we love and are part of our daily lives, known throughout the world as the birthplace of the industrial revolution, Manchester has a proud history in science, politics, music, arts and sport.

Nowadays the city enjoys its heritage with a progressive and inventive vision making it a city that delivers surprise after surprise to the delight of its population and its visitors.

Manchester city centre is booming with a host of unique and eclectic restaurants, bars, shops, museums, galleries, hotels. Greater Manchester boroughs offer an eclectic set of visitor experiences including old-world market towns, traditional pubs, modern bars and stunning green spaces and waterways to be explored on boat, foot or bike. Manchester has a packed calendar of world-class and unique events and festivals, including the Manchester International Festival to the colourfully quaint Manchester Christmas Markets.

With great transport links both in and around Greater Manchester getting around couldn’t be easier.

Artists can exhibit at our events using one of our three following options below:

Book a Panel
Rent a panel (see each event for sizes and costs), this option entitles artists to enter a general gallery with mixed art types. A great way for new & emerging artists to exhibit their work without having to be submitted and chosen. Exhibiting in the same venue as professional artists of renown. Check our events webpages for full details.

Submit Your Art
The second option we offer is to simply submit your work (see submission end dates). Submissions are chosen by our curator teams and artists are offered space at the events. Sales of submitted art are subject to a 35% commission.

By Invitation
It's important in any art show to have, internationally recognised artists. We have a superb group of renowned artists who will exhibit at our events. These artists have a large draw in terms of footfall and help to promote the exhibitions through the use of their name reputation and works.

Choose how to exhibit

Book A Panel.

Panel Fee £240

Pay in full or click the WAF button below and spread the cost of booking your panel interest-free:

This delayed exhibition in the heart of Manchester, one not to be missed.

Manchester '2020 Vision' Art Exhibition & Fair Manchester's newest, exciting and amazing space the 'Brickworks' on Deansgate, in the heart of Manchester. The event will run for 4 days across the Easter bank holiday 2022.

    Book A Panel          Submit Your Art        Request An Invite  

Click the WAF button below and spread the cost of booking your panel interest-free:

A great place to exhibit your art, whatever stage your career is at.

Just one more tool in the artist's box, a real game-changer, an opportunity not to be missed. Get paid in minutes, use the online calculator to work out the price for your works. Never miss a sales opportunity again. Sell Online, though social media and at your studio or exhibitions. BBC's Finders Keepers visited the event as part of its competition. If you'd like to be considered, please email British Art Exhibitions.

Guide for Manchester Exhibitors

Panel example size guide 4ft by 8ft:

For exhibitors at the Manchester exhibition pleases read this guide carefully:

Each venue has some differences.
Please take time to read these guides. Whilst we try to make the exhibiting of work as simple as possible, each venue we operate from has unique challenges. This means there may be some slight differences to the way work is mounted and displayed.

Your Profile
Up to five weeks before the exhibitions you will receive an email with a link to your profile, which can be filled out online (artists who complete this will also get a free listing on our artists page). This will be used to print: work labels, name details etc.
If the profile is incomplete or completed incorrectly we will not be able to print your details. In such a case labels will be provided on the day of the exhibition, it will be the artists responsibility to complete these and place them by their work.

Display Panels
Our standard display size is 4ft x 8ft (120cm x 240cm). (The panels may be free standing or wall mounted depending on the venue, some venues work may be mounted directly onto the walls.)

Paintings should be appropriately framed; canvases may be unframed where edge condition is good. We cannot take responsibility for incorrect framing methods and inexpensive frames or damaged frames which will not hang or be safe.

We have a variety of hanging techniques depending on the frame type and size. Works must be ready to hang via one of the appropriate methods below unless otherwise stated (We strongly advise against using hanging strips as we have had failures with these).
We can accommodate: Traditional strung with cable or cord Mirror brackets/plates ​Screws will be provided. Screwdrivers and drills etc are available, although these are limited when busy.

Prints, books and cards etc. May be sold at the venues direct or via order. When signing in please notify us of the number of prints books and cards etc. Artists must supply their own rack for print, books and cards etc.

Drop-off & pick-up
Artworks to be delivered and hung 1 to 2 days before the exhibition start. Artists’ works must be signed in before their work can be hung. Unsold works to be picked up strictly between 5.15 and on the last day of the event. All artists must sign out any unsold works prior to leaving the Exhibition. All works must be clearly marked on the back or base with the following details: Artists Name Address Phone Number Artwork Price (artworks with no price on the back will not be sold) Any artworks not collected will be stored for collection by the artist. If we deliver uncollected works back to the artist, a fee per artwork is applicable.

Set up is by the artist in their designated area. This area will be clearly marked and our team will assist where required with the set-up.

The nearest parking is available on Blackfriars St.

Attending or not
Artists where possible are asked to attend the exhibition preview. However, we leave it to them as to whether to attend the exhibition full or part time; for those artists not able to attend the exhibition we provide attendants who act on their behalf, selling their work and/or prints if available.

Sales may be made direct to the artist if they have reserved a panel; however, we do have a card reader for those wishing to use it (these payments can take 6 working days to process and a small fee is taken by our card machine provider. British Art Exhibitions do not charge for this service). All sold works must be reported so we can account prior to collection. When a piece is sold during an exhibition, we ask that it remain at the show until the end of the event. Submitted art sales are subject to a 35% fee and must go through our team, we accept cards and offer interest- free for WAF members.

We do not take commissions for reserved panels, submitted art has a 35% commission fee applicable. 

Other services and products for artists

We have key partnerships that offer other products and services for artists. Visit the relevant sites for more information.