Manchester '2021 Vision' Contemporary Art Exhibition
  • Manchester '2021 Vision' Contemporary Art Exhibition

    One of our premium 4 day exhibitions held in one of Manchester's newest, exciting and amazing spaces the 'Brickworks' on Deansgate, in the heart of the city. Manchester is the 3rd most visited city in the UK. With thousands of extra visitors expected over the holiday weekend. Date to be re-confirmed due to Covid-19 outbreak. The event will be extensively advertised and promoted through, posters, news agencies, street entertainers and on all the social media channels, 12,000 sq ft of space exhibiting over 160 artists works.

    • Exhibitions Panels

      A highly prestigious 4 day event one of our city centre premier  shows. Held in one of Manchester's amazing new venues, with drinks & refreshments previews Date to be re-confirmed due to Corvid-19 outbreak

      Exhibitors wishing to attend can reserve half of a panel. This will entitle them to a shared 4 ft by 8 ft display space, each artists will have 4ft by 4ft of space (this may be the top or the bottom of the panel). No commissions are taken and 100% (less card processing cost) of any sales goes to the individual artist whose works are sold. The event will be extensively promoted and advertised over the lead up to the exhibition.

    • Artwork Drop Off

      Artworks must be delivered to the show between 1.00pm and 7.00pm  (TBC). Artists will be responsible for mounting their own works on their panel/s, help is available by prior request. See Guide for full details.

    • Artwork Pick Up

      Artists must pick up any unsold works between 8.00am and 2pm on April the 14th. We will store works for later collection on request a £5 fee is chargable per artwork.

    • Labelling

      Labels to be supplied and attached by the artists, using our PDF template available for download via the website.